Ministry Partners

Ministry Partnerships

Together, the people of Incarnation and those we partner with strive to serve God and all people in the model of Jesus Christ. As God’s Holy Spirit works through the people of Incarnation and local and global organizations with whom we partner, people are fed, houses are built, families are nurtured, and lives are changed as we glimpse God’s kingdom in action right in our midst.

All of Incarnation’s ministry partnerships are based on relationships as we connect more deeply with God and one another. These partnerships give a glimpse into the lives and culture of other faithful organizations, provide the opportunity to see the vast love that God has for all people and encourage us all as we walk together in our daily lives, even though we may be separated by many miles or by a variety of circumstances.

Incarnation partners in formal and informal ways with organizations in our community and around the world. Please click on each ministry to find out more.


Families in Transition

LifeHaven, a Twin Cities Metro Youth Homelessness Program of Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota, provides housing and support to single youth ages 16 and 17, who are pregnant or parenting.

Hunger Ministries

Over 805 million people go hungry on any given day worldwide. In the United States, where there is poverty, hunger is there also. The people of Incarnation believe that it is important to address hunger issues on a variety of fronts – tending to the immediate need of providing food and resources for people in crisis as well as working to address the root causes of hunger.

Incarnation’s has formal ministry partnerships with the following hunger agencies:

Global Ministries

At Incarnation, we believe that relationships are at the heart of our ministry. We believe that God calls us to live relationship with our neighbors who may live right next door or around the world and that as these relationship grow, they reflect God’s relationship with us and with the world that God so loves.

To learn more about Incarnation’s formal and informal partnerships in each area, click on the ministry area.