Endowment Fund

The Incarnation Endowment Fund is an additional avenue for giving to support and enhance the mission and vision of Incarnation Lutheran Church. The fund’s overarching goal is to provide support to initiatives that make the world a better place. By its definition, an endowment fund has staying power. Contributions remain in the fund, generating an ongoing stream of income (earnings) for years to come.

Fostering Innovation, Leadership in Support of Mission and Vision

The primary purpose of the Incarnation Endowment Fund is for its earnings to go to causes that foster innovation and leadership in support of the mission and vision of Incarnation and the broader church, to help ensure vitality for both in the years to come. Complementing Incarnation’s “church without walls” emphasis, this includes two primary areas of funding:

  • Budding Idea Grants (BIG) program. These grants put promising ideas to work in the greater community—locally, and beyond. The program funds community outreach initiatives that support the mission and values of Incarnation Lutheran Church. BIGs serve as “seed money” to help bring ideas and dreams to fruition beyond the church walls. Click here to learn more.
  • Leaders Growing Leaders. This encompasses funding the exploration and launch of initiatives to identify future leaders, who strive to make a difference in this world through leadership in ministry or other service careers. The first such program, which is receiving ongoing Endowment Fund support, is the Summer Student Intern Program for young adults. This Incarnation program launched in 2021 with three interns. It continued  with four interns in both 2022 and 2023. This program takes a “leaders growing leaders” approach, with one-on-one mentorships, as well as weekly meetings with pastors, mentors and other interns. Interns also work on projects in their respective areas of strength and interest.

How Can I Contribute to the Endowment Fund?

As a Christian, you are the caretaker of unique gifts—your time, your talents and the financial gifts given to you by God. One way to steward these gifts wisely is through contributions to the Endowment Fund, which will strengthen Incarnation for mission and ministry today and in the years to come. There are several options for contributing to the Endowment Fund, noted below and in the brochure.

Give Now

If you want to provide immediate support for Incarnation’s ministry and mission through the Endowment Fund you can make a cash gift at any time. Cash gifts in any amount can become a significant force over time. You can make a one-time gift, one that renews each year, or a gift connected with memorials, special events, or year-end tax planning.

You may make a gift online or by sending a check to the Incarnation office with “Endowment” indicated on the memo line. If you have questions about how to make a contribution, please contact Amy Faymovmille, Gifts Manager, at afaymoville@incarnationmn.org.

Legacy Giving

Planned giving is another way to invest in Incarnation’s Endowment Fund. With planned giving, your legacy gift is received upon your death. The following are effective vehicles for planned giving.

Wills and bequests are an easy and meaningful way to witness your appreciation for your spiritual life and growth through Incarnation. Include the Incarnation Endowment Fund as a beneficiary under your will, estate, 401(k), or IRA.

Life insurance and annuities can help provide your legacy to Incarnation’s ministry and mission. Update existing policies to include the Incarnation Endowment Fund as a beneficiary or assign dividends to the fund. Another option is to create a brand new legacy with a new policy.

Stocks, bonds, and mutual funds all make ideal gifts to the Incarnation Endowment Fund. Many options are available to leave your legacy, including:

  • Transfer stock outright
  • Name the Incarnation Endowment Fund as a beneficiary
  • Assign as a revocable or irrevocable living trust

Next Steps

Your legacy is welcomed regardless of its amount. Contributions of all sizes continue working for Incarnation’s mission forever. For any gift where the Incarnation Endowment Fund would be a benefactor, an easy method to determine the amount is to assign a percentage as your gift, instead of a specific dollar amount. Please write a letter of intent to inform the Endowment Fund of your future legacy gift and mail the form to the church, ATTN: Danette Griffith, Administrator.