The Saint John’s Bible

The Saint John's Bible

Incarnation has a Heritage Edition of The Saint John’s Bible on display in the Chapel to view and for personal or group reflection and learning.

The Saint John’s Bible is the first illuminated, handwritten Bible to be commissioned by a Benedictine Monastery in 500 years.

The purpose of The Saint John’s Bible is to ignite the spiritual imagination of people of all faith journeys around the world.

See The Saint John’s Bible

You can see the Heritage Edition of The Saint John’s Bible at Incarnation on Sunday mornings and during regular church business hours throughout the week. The Bible is displayed in the Chapel at the west end of the building near door #6.

Personal Opportunities for Spiritual Imagination

The purpose of The Saint John’s Bible is to ignite the spiritual imagination of all people around the world. One way of igniting your spiritual imagination is through a process called Visio Divina. Follow this link to access the Visio Divina writings for specific illuminations.

Personal Opportunities to Practice Spiritual Imagination

Connect with Others Around The Saint John’s Bible

The best way to ignite your spiritual imagination around The Saint John’s Bible is with a small group of other people. This will help you process what you see as well as open up new perspectives that others bring to the group. Introduction to The Saint John’s Bible small groups are held twice a year. If you are interested, contact Grant Rykken at

The Saint John’s Bible Small Groups

Explore the illuminations (artwork) and calligraphy (written text) of The Saint John’s Bible. Hear how this illuminated Bible was created and experience the faith practice of Visio Divina. Discover how the illuminations speak to you and to others. Led by Grant Rykken. Find out more or express interest:


Have The Saint John’s Bible Visit Your Location

Part of the mission of holders of the Heritage Edition is to introduce it to others. Incarnation has a process for providing an interactive presentation about The Saint John’s Bible and bringing a few volumes to churches, senior centers and other groups. If you are interested in this, contact Grant Rykken at

Frequently Asked Questions About The Saint John’s Bible

Follow this link to see some of the frequently asked questions about The Saint John’s Bible.

Frequently Asked Questions