Call Committee

The Incarnation Board of Directors created and approved a call committee in May 2024 to select a Pastor for Faith Formation. The Pastor for Faith Formation will design and coordinate the faith formation experiences for adults at Incarnation and oversee the children, youth, and family staff as they design faith formation experiences for children, youth, and their families.

The Call Process

The call process is overseen by the St. Paul Area Synod and is used by all Synod congregations seeking a new pastor. Synod staff guides the call committee throughout the process and utilizes a standard set of documents to help the call committee identify its needs and help candidates understand our congregation. 

The process includes several important milestones:

  1. The congregation develops a Ministry Site Profile and Job Description, shared with the Synod, which helps the Synod identify potential candidates for the role (completed spring 2024).
  2. The congregation is invited to provide nominations, which the call committee shares with the Synod (completed June 2024).
  3. The call committee prepares interview questions and identifies an interview process (completed July 2024).
  4. Synod staff meets with the call committee to share candidate names (scheduled for July 22, 2024). Candidates are selected by the Synod based on qualifications for the position and fit for the Incarnation staff team.
  5. The call committee conducts interviews and gathers information about the candidates (observing preaching, calling references, etc.) (planned for August–September 2024).
  6. The call committee completes its discernment process (ongoing).
  7. The call committee informs the Incarnation Council and Synod staff that a decision has been made and the candidate has agreed to move forward in the process.
  8. I assume there’s a congregational vote at some point? It wasn’t on the checklist, but do we want to list something here?

Several factors may impact the timeframe for this process; each phase will be conducted with intention, deep respect for all involved, and reverence for the importance of this task.

The call committee will provide regular updates on the process as it moves forward. Please visit this web page and look for notes in other Incarnation communications to hear more about where we are in the process. Please note that confidentiality rules in hiring will be respected; the call committee will share only what is appropriate with the full membership.

The Call Committee

The call committee includes five members of Incarnation and was approved by the Incarnation Board of Directors. The committee meets regularly to continue forward progress on the call checklist, guided by prayer and the spirit. The committee asks for your prayers of support as it works on your behalf to identify our Pastor for Faith Formation.

From left: Katy Gibbs, Matt Rowles, Kris McCormack, Dave Bernlohr, and Sheri Hansen

Katy Gibbs: My husband Toby and I have been members of Incarnation since 2012. We have a son, David (15), and a daughter, Lexie (11). I currently serve on the Council (2022-2024) and have volunteered as a confirmation guide, ILC kids leader, Vacation Bible School activities leader, and at FMSC. Despite 12 years in church choir, I can’t carry a tune, but I sing enthusiastically. Professionally I work at Inspire Medical Systems in Post-Market Surveillance Quality.

Matt Rowles: Matt and his wife Erin have been members at Incarnation for 15 years. Matt grew up going to church at Incarnation and has stayed active in the community before becoming a member by leading multiple high school mission trips and as a member of the 20 Somethings and FMSC. Matt is a pharmacist with Fairview Pharmacy and has a 9-year-old daughter Olivia. He loves all things outdoors, but specifically golf. 

Kris McCormack: My husband Steve and I are relatively new members of ILC…almost 2 years. We moved to Hugo after 25+ years in St Croix Falls, to be closer to family. I have become a very involved member of ILC participating in Hearts and Hands, FMSC, serving at funerals, Solid Ground, choir, and numerous small groups… plus others… and I have enjoyed all these in this amazing church community. I enjoy camping, biking, hiking, kayaking, pickleball, theater, cooking, and, of course, my grandkids.

Dave Bernlohr and his wife Sue have been members of ILC since 1985. Beyond raising their three children in the Church, Dave has been active as a Confirmation guide (97-00) as a member and president of the ILC Church Council (1992-1994), as a volunteer with LifeHaven, as Chair of the Long Range Planning Committee (2015-2016) and as a member of several small groups. Professionally he is a professor at the University of Minnesota and he enjoys sports, traveling, restaurants, friends, and grandchildren. 

Sheri Hansen and her husband Bill have been a part of the Incarnation community since 2014, and are now joined by sons Alex, age 9, and Joe, age 7. The family enjoys participating in the Feed My Starving Children Mobile Pack event, music programming, and many ILC Kids activities throughout the year. Sheri is an attorney and currently serves as Director of Communications, Advocacy, and Public Outreach at the American Institute of Architects Minnesota.

Questions and Comments

The call committee welcomes and encourages your input in this important process. Use the form below and a call committee member will respond as soon as possible.

Thank you for your support and prayers as we move through this moment in the life of our congregation.

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