Faith and Social Justice

Center for Leadership and Neighborhood Engagement Offerings

The Center for Leadership and Neighborhood Engagement a ministry partner of Incarnation’s, aims to partner with faith, community and neighborhood organizations in order to provide transformational experiences for those who share the desire to increase their intercultural competence. The hope also is that those who arrive with curiosity, open minds and the energy required to immerse themselves, will experience transformed thinking and deepened understanding of what it takes to strengthen neighborhoods by accompanying one another as leaders and constituents.

Come Together for Racial Justice Online Gatherings

Join online conversations, Come Together for Racial Justice, a virtual convening for leaders to learn, share, and mobilize for racial justice.  These 90-minute sessions are centered in BIPOC voices and engage in shared conversation so we may learn from each other.

Each third Thursday of the month, Come Together for Racial Justice features one or more community-based leaders reflecting on themes like racial healing, faith and culture, leading in diverse contexts, asset-based community development and more. The aim is to create a space for mutual learning and building relationships, being intentional about cultivating trust, welcome, safety, and a sense of belonging. Gatherings are hosted by Rev. Kelly “PK” Chatman, executive director of CLNE.

Watch recordings of previous Come Together gatherings here.

Uncommon Threads

Uncommon Threads

Janet Hagberg and Joseph Mallard have an uncommon friendship. Janet is white and Joseph is Black. They have very different backgrounds and live in different parts of the country. Yet they share a passion for expressing themselves through the art of quilting. Their shared passion has led to an uncommon friendship which has changed them and the people around them. Watch recordings of Joseph and Janet’s conversations during Uncommon Threads offered during the spring. 

Incarnation’s Racial Justice Working Group

Several of the Incarnation community have been gathering from time to time since fall of 2020 as a Racial Justice Working Group, to listen, learn and leverage the work each is doing so that we may together as a faith community, grow in navigating differences that make a difference, especially regarding racial justice. Using the model of the Inward/Outward Journey that Pastor Kai Nilsen often references, some of this working group have been drawn to individual/inward work, some to corporate/inward work, some to individual/outward work and some to corporate/outward work. All of work is needed. All are invited to participate. If you’d like to be included as a part of the Racial Justice Working Group, contact Joel Vander Wal.

Join the Racial Justice Working Group’s Facebook Group by going to this link and requesting to be added. Here you will be in the company of those others who are eager to learn and get connected to advocacy opportunities.

Additional Resources for Listening and Learning

Small Groups: Justice

Join others for reading and discussion on topics related to racial and social justice. If you’d like to engage in a small group but don’t see one listed regarding a justice topic you are interested in, contact Denise Floe.

Just Mercy - 13th


Just Mercy, based on the life work of civil rights attorney, Bryan Stevenson and his book by the same name, can be streamed on multiple platforms (YouTube, Google Play, Amazon, Xfinity On Demand, and others).

13th, a thought-provoking documentary where scholars, activists and politians analyze the criminalization of African Americans and the U.S. prison boom.