What We Believe


At Incarnation we envision “A world filled with God’s love and grace.”

For that kind of world to emerge we have committed ourselves to be people filled with love and grace.

We engage that vision through two simple movements—the Inward Journey and the Outward Journey. Though simple in concept, these movements are a life-long journey of discovering how deeply loved we are by God and how God has invited us to love the world with that same love.

Inward Journey: Experiences and practices that help us discover who we are as a beloved child of God, made in God’s image.

Outward Journey: Experiences and practices that help us discover and do what God has invited us to do in the world.

For us, Jesus is the WAY, we discover the TRUTH about that kind of journey through LIFE.

So our purposeful living in community is centered on learning to live and love like Jesus, for a lifetime.

As we do, we will notice these gifts shaped within us and evident in our interactions with the world. We will be people who value and live…

  • Grace: All are welcome and All means All!
  • Generosity: We give what we have first been given—our time, our energy, our passions, our finances. All are gifts from God.
  • Relationships: All are created in the image of God. We co-create a more loving world through vulnerable, encouraging, compassionate and just relationships.
  • Discovery: The journey never ends. We are always learning to live this WAY!

Maybe, just maybe, we will be part of “A world filled more and more with God’s grace and love.”