It’s Worth It


Your life is worth living. It is valuable. In fact, it’s beyond valuable. It’s invaluable. And precisely because it is so truly worth living, your life is worth living well. Your life is too valuable to be guided by anything less than what matters most.  -Miroslav Volf, Life Worth Living

As a gathered community, we need each other. For us to live our vision of “a world filled with God’s grace and love” we have to find ways to receive God’s grace and love and then be God’s grace and love for others. Your life and ministry matter to us. You are invaluable.

As you consider your commitment this upcoming year, consider these two ways to serve and give:

  • Serving: A next step I am willing to take in my life of service is: (See for list of service opportunities)
  • Financial Giving: A next step I am willing to take is:
    • Give generously as I am able.
    • Make a financial commitment to our ministry 2024 by filling out your commitment card for our upcoming ministry.

A Weekly Blessing for a Life Worth Living