Care Team

Care Team Ministry responds, free of charge, to the non-medical “quality of life” needs of individuals and families of all ages not routinely fulfilled by existing social service programs. This program offers supportive services to those within the Incarnation faith community and provides an opportunity for people of all ages to live their faith by serving others.

Care Team Ministry is a joint partnership between Incarnation and Lyngblomsten, a Christian nonprofit organization serving older adults and families through healthcare, housing, and community-based services in the metro area. Unlike most of Lyngblomsten’s services, Care Team Ministry can serve people of all ages – not just seniors. Incarnation’s Care Team Ministry includes volunteers, care partners (who receive service), ministry co-leaders, and the Lyngblomsten Care Team Ministry Coordinator.

This ministry is unique because it is TEAM based; a team of volunteers serves an individual or family, either over an extended period of time or during a short term transition. This provides greater flexibility so Care Team Volunteers and Partners can adjust to each situation to uniquely match volunteer’s gifts of service to specific needs.

What Care Teams Do

Care Teams function like extended family members or neighbors doing a broad range of activities. At Incarnation, our Care Team Ministry can provide:

  • friendly visits
  • light yard work
  • light housekeeping
  • meal preparation
  • shopping assistance
  • transportation
  • support for family caregivers

Who would benefit from Care Team Ministry?

Anyone of any age who has experienced a loss of mobility and/or independence or those who need short tern or ongoing support/help with non-medical tasks they are unable to complete would benefit from Care Team Ministry. People who receive support from Care Team Ministers are called Care Team Partners. A Care Team Ministry leader assess needs of prospective Care Team Partners and matches them with the appropriate Care Team Ministry volunteer according to their gifts and talents.

Examples of Potential Care Team Partners

  • Moms-to-be on bed rest
  • Individuals coming home from the hospital
  • Family caregivers who need a break
  • Individuals who need help getting to appointments and keeping up yard and house chores

To learn more about receiving services from Incarnation’s Care Team Ministry or about becoming a Care Team Ministry volunteer, please contact Julie Durbin by email or by calling 651-484-7213.

Care Team Ministry is a member of the Lyngblomsten Care Ministry Network.