Create A Realm Account

Realm is a cloud-based church management solution that helps users in church administration, accounting and community management. Users are provided with a mobile app to send messages to community members.

Setting up your account in Realm

Everyone of Incarnation has a unique profile that contains your contact information, personal information, groups you are a part of and a link to others in your family. If you have already registered your account, please see instructions about accessing your account. 

Step 1: To activate the account we have for you, please go to:
Step 2: Enter an email address and create a password. Please write down this password somewhere safe that you can access if you don’t remember.
Step 3: After you press the register button, you will be prompted to check your email to activate your account
Step 4: Open your Email Verification message and select the link to verify your email address
Step 5: Verify your birthday and/or phone number. 

If you have problems with activating your account, it may be
because we don’t have complete information in your profile.
Please contact Danette Griffith at for assistance. 

Accessing your account in Realm: After you have completed the set-up process above, you are now able to access Realm by going to