View The Saint John’s Bible

  • You can see the Heritage Edition of The Saint John’s Bible at Incarnation on Sunday mornings and during regular church business hours throughout the week.
  • The Heritage Edition is displayed in the Chapel at Incarnation. The Chapel is at the west end of the building near door #6. From Incarnation’s main entrance near the Sanctuary, walk around the outside of the Sanctuary and left down the hall. The Chapel has a sign over the door.
  • Church map – (Do we have one available? If not, I’ll take a photo of the one on the wall.)
  • A rotation of illuminations are displayed under glass on the cabinet that holds the seven volumes of The Saint John’s Bible.
  • Not sure this should be included. (Using the handling guidelines displayed at the cabinet, you may lift the glass and carefully turn the pages of the displayed volume with clean hands.)
  • Not sure this should be included. (Also using the handling guidelines, you may remove other volumes from the drawers, place them on a flat surface and look through the illuminations , text treatment and script. Once you are done, return them to the drawers for safekeeping.)
  • If you have any questions or need assistance, contact Grant Rykken at or at 763.439.6125.